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Buddy Riser: Granted September 21, 2004


The Story of Buddy Riser

Last Updated: September 21, 2004

Rescuer: Carol Riser at

Buddy's story, as told by his mom:
"Buddy was adopted by me on June 5th. At the time of the adoption, I was told that something was wrong with his foot, but that it did not bother him. Since he was adopted from a regional Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, I assumed that this was true. He had been seen by a vet. Buddy was taken to my vet for a check-up within 10 days of the adoption. Dr. Schowalter, who owns three Corgis, knew immediately that there was a serious, but not life-threatening problem with Buddy's right front leg. Dr. Schowalter stated that the ulnar bone did grow, but the radial did. Without surgery Buddy could lose the use of his leg, be in pain, and develop arthritis. He is in need of surgery (osteotomy) that would repair the deformity. The leg would be broken and reconstructive surgery performed. Buddy would need to wear an external device."
CorgiAid generally can only help dogs who are in rescue. In rare cases, when a dog clearly had an existing condition at the time of adoption, and the condition is recognized within a few weeks of adoption, we can help. CorgiAid supporters will help Buddy's leg get fixed so he can walk as comfortably as possible. THANK YOU.

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