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Puddy: Granted September 17, 2004


The Story of Puddy

Last Updated: September 17, 2004

Warning -- the following is gross and horrible! >:-(
Puddy was rescued from a shelter that tried to perform a neuter, including a receded testicle surgery. Puddles was in horrible pain when I picked him up at the shelter. (They give one pain shot for surgery.) We spent over two weeks with our vet, the emergency clinic and the rehab specialists. The vet who tried to remove the receded testicle cut down to the abdominal wall, inside sutures were not tied, out side sutures were too tight. Sutures at scrotum were so tight, Puddy could not walk. My veterinarian opened the upper abdominal sutures. The abdominal cavity was filled with infection, pus, serum, etc. It is the conclusion of both Dr. Laurie and Dr. Ava that he was neutered with dirty instruments. The abdominal surgery, due to how deep the vet had gone to try to find the testicle, was especially infected. Cultures revealed positive for Beta Hemolytic Streptococci. It was touch and go for the first 9-10 days. Now the boy is healthy and happy and just being a Corgi.
Puddy is a beautiful tri boy. He is happy now and healthy. He loves playing with my dogs, but his favorite thing is shredding the stuffed toys. He likes to cuddle and give kisses, but is still a bit leary of anyone touching his bottom. Puddy, now Berwyn, has been placed with a wonderful family. Thank goodness for a happy ending for this cutie.
CorgiAid supporters helped Puddy recover from his ordeal. Without the help of so many kind benefactors, it is likely that he would have died in the shelter. THANK YOU.

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