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Casimir: Granted September 14, 2004


The Story of Casimir

Last Updated: September 16, 2004

Here is Casimir's story, as told by his rescuer:
"Casimir was scheduled to be an auction for a commercial breeder. When the AKC rep arrived she thru a FIT - told the auctioneer he COULD NOT auction this old dog. So he knew a woman that that did some rescue work and asked her if she would take him... And thankfully she did. And then she asked people who did corgi rescue - and called me about this guy.
"When he got here he was overweight and had a UTI - treated and cured (he doesn't pee in his crate anymore).
"He is a great dog, moderately active, very sweet and well socialized. He was overwieght, needed to be neutered. Gets along well with the puppies.
"He is a sweet dog, will make some lucky person a great companion. He is absolutely no trouble at all and plays nicely with the puppies... really a nice dog.. and in really good shape."
CorgiAid supporters have helped Casimir get into shape to find his retirement home. Thank you!

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