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Rollie: Granted July 28, 2004


The Story of Rollie

Last Updated: August 03, 2004

Rescuer: Walton Salley at

Unfortunately, not every story can have a happy ending. Sometimes the best we can do is make the end as comfortable as possible.
Here is Rollie's story, as told by Walton Salley:
This sad girl's picture broke my heart & another example of how seniors, who should be loved in their golden years are dumped. She was picked up as a stray and at a high kill facility near Raleigh NC.... A shelter where volunteers aren't allowed any physical contact with dogs due to 'liability'. There are no hours for adoption. & adoption rates average 3 a month w/ 200+ or more being put to sleep. She was blind & terrified. A volunteer at the shelter pulled Rollie and she went to Rescue Volunteer/Vet Dr Ann Hobbs. Ann feared lens luxation in both eyes. Vet evaluation showed the same, weakness in back legs & other potential medical problems. We had an applicant who was willing to adopt; however, after careful evaluation, both the Vet and Ann felt it best to 'help her to the bridge.' Rollie spent two wonderful days with Dr Hobbs. She was bathed, and given lots of love, hugs and treats. She went to the bridge on 2/20/04 as Ann held her. Thank you Corgi Aid for allowing this girl some peace at the end.

This dog is not available for adoption.

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