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Jane: Granted July 11, 2004


The Story of Jane

Last Updated: July 11, 2004

Jane was found about 2 months ago on the side of the road hit by a car. An IL state trooper picked her up and took her to the vet clinic that night. The vet clinic then asked our humane society to take her in. Her hip is dislocated, and Jane's rescuer thinks Jane has a small fracture in her leg as well. The vet tried to pop her leg back in place but it wouldn't stay in. So we decided not to have the pin put in her leg bc it is too much for us to afford. She is in pain though bc she can't get up and down the couch easily. She has a hard time w/ stairs as well. She just hikes up the leg and hops around on her good three.
CorgiAid supporters will help with surgery to help Jane's leg be as comfortable and functional as possible. Thank you!

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