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L'il Guy: Granted June 24, 2004

The Story of L'il Guy

Last Updated: July 14, 2004

Rescuer: Tina Anderson at

A construction worker up on a local mountain found him running around, scared, skinny, and sad. He grabbed him up, found another hiker on a trail (who was walking 3 chows), and said... you look like a dog guy... take this dog. If he stays here he's gonna die or get killed. So, the "chow guy" carried this dog, while walking his 3 chows down the mountain... as the pup had no id, and no collar.
"Chow Guy", Tomas, took in this little one... and tried for 30 days to find owners. Contacted and went to 2 humane shelters, a bunch of vets, and posted on ebay... Yesterday, Tomas brought "L'il Guy" over here because he is going out of town for a long time, and when he checked to see if his local humane society could place him, they told him that it was truly a corgi, and maybe a corgi rescue group would help! (wow!) Tomas wanted this "corgi" to have a good home, and chose our rescue group because he checked out our site. He wasn't sure if this dog was a corgi... or a corgi mix... SO... "L'il Guy" came here...
Rescue went directly to the humane society to recheck the books for a potential "lost pet" filing, and see if he was chipped. No claims, and no chip... but all 3 people behind the desk came out exclaiming about the cute corgi! (no - I didn't coach them!)
Next stop the vet... made an appointment for his exam, weighed him (22 pounds)... and the vet and vet tech came out and made a big fuss about him. The vet said he looked like a VERY badly bred pem corgi... or a mix of 3/4 corgi and something else.
CorgiAid supporters helped L'il Guy get healthy so he could be adopted. Thank you!
He has gone on to his forever home, where they love him to pieces.

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