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Cinnamon: Granted June 16, 2004


The Story of Cinnamon

Last Updated: June 22, 2004

Cinammon appeared at a vet clinic with a broken front leg. The owner said she was hit by a car the day before, but the vet thinks she was not hit-by-car, but rather was kicked or dropped. :-( The owners didn't want to pay for her care, so they just walked away from their broken puppy. Luckily, rescue stepped forward to help, and luckily, CorgiAid was there to back up the rescuer.
The good news is that on second opinion, a trusted orthopedic vet says that he doesn't think surgery will be needed at this time. Because Cinny is young, and the growth plates are going to fuse shortly, they sedated her, manipulated and cleaned up the fracture, then cast her leg. Keep your paws crossed for Cinny that she not need major reconstructive surgery.
CorgiAid supporters have helped get Cinnamon's leg repaired. She is now on her way to a happy future. THANK YOU.

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