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Thomas, was Bobo: Granted May 03, 2004


The Story of Thomas, was Bobo

Last Updated: May 03, 2004

Rescuer: Jamie Longstreth at

Thomas belonged to an elderly woman who passed away. A friend of hers tried to keep him, but couldn't. His foster was arranged through Brenda S., and he was transported to PA on 4/25 to foster/rehome with me, since he's very overweight and I have experience with slimming down overweight corgis.
This dog is very profoundly overweight. Midge, who brought him from Ohio to PA, cleaned his ears as they were very dirty. I'm concerned there may be an infection. In addition, his teeth are pretty badly in need of cleaning. His health seems generally pretty good, he is neutered, but I have no idea on shots, HW status, or anything else. I'd like to get him vetted and HW tested/preventative ASAP.
CorgiAid supporters will help Thomas on the road to being fit and healthy. Thank you!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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