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Mama Precious & Babies: Granted April 06, 2004


The Story of Mama Precious & Babies

Last Updated: July 15, 2004

Mama Precious was turned in to the Humane Society recently. They ran ads in our newspaper looking for the owner, but no one came forth. They called me and asked me to foster her since they knew I had corgis and did rescue. But Mama Precious was not only homeless, she was verrrrrry pregnant, and I know nothing about birthing puppies. I remembered at our picnic last year, a vet from a nearby city who has corgis, offered to help with rescue whenever we needed her. Her office manager also has corgis, so there was a lot of experience with expectant mother corgis there. They were kind enough to take Mama Precious in for me. While in their care, Mama Precious had seven babies!
She is quite a snuggler and has bonded almost instantly with every human who has been in contact with her. It was quite an experience riding to the vet hospital with her sleeping in my lap and all those babies practicing their infant corgi sumo wrestling techniques inside! She has been fine with other dogs, too.
Mama Precious did not require a c-section as we feared. She gave birth to 7 very tiny pups. Four pups are mostly black, one is mahogany, one is golden sable, and one is white with brown spots like Barnianne! Three are boys (black), and four are girls. The father apparently was a really small dog as the pups are much smaller than regular corgi pups would be. The lady who brought her to the humane society said they thought she had bred to a chihuahua. Corgihuahua puppies! The pups, although tiny, are fat and healthy.
The week before Easter, Mama Precious and the babies were doing well enough to move to Grandma Carol's home. This kind lady from the humane society has moved Mama and the babies into her family room where they can watch TV with her and their Grandpa Wayne. Their other animals peeked in quietly to say, "Another orphan....just here for a while!" when she came home. Mama Precious is residing in a large, comfy cage where she has lots of room for taking care of her babies.
Mama and the babies are doing well. She only leaves them long enough to take care of personal business. She passed her heartworm and fecal tests with flying colors, and after the puppies are weaned, she'll be spayed before going to her forever home.
CorgiAid supporters will help with Mama Precious's expenses. Her maternity stay in the hospital will be covered, and we will bring her up-to-date on her vaccinations and preventives.
Thank you for helping this good girl on the road to the life she deserves!
Update from July 2004: Mama Precious and all her baybees now have happy homes. Mama P's new mom drove many miles to pick her up. Mama recognized at once that this new person was no stranger, and covered her with Corgi kisses. She is now happily ensconced in her new mom's heart and home.

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