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Hobbs: Granted March 12, 2004


The Story of Hobbs

Last Updated: March 03, 2005

Rescuer: April Warchol at

I saw Hobbs on Feb 29 and went down on March 1st and found an EXTREMELY thin Corgi covered with multiple dog bites. The kennel worker told there had been two Corgis but "rescue" had taken one. I applied to adopt him and the shelter released him to me on March 6th after checking with my vet to make sure I would complete a heartworm treatment (he was found to be positive) for him. I found a weak, extremely lethargic dog who barely seemed able to walk on his own. This dog had been in the shelter as "adoptable" for exactly one week.
I took Hobbs in to see Dr. Keillor on Monday, March 8th. He has a massive systemic infection which she treated with both an injectable antibiotic and a course of oral antibiotics. She also prescribed Carafate to line his stomach so he would feel well enough to eat and she ran bloodwork because she was concerned with his overall health. His fecal was negative for parasites but high with cocci. His bloodwork found what she had suspected which was that he was suffering liver failure from the severity of his heartworms and overall stress and poor health. She ordered a liver drug Denosyl SD4 to be given for two weeks to try to bring his ALT reading down from 221 to the normal range of 5 - 60 so that she could begin to contemplate starting the heartworm treatment which she felt was imperative to do as quickly as possible to improve his chance of survival.
Extremely underweight, only eating minimal amounts of broiled chicken, refusing almost all food. He MUST have low fat or fat free food to help his liver function. Dr. Keillor recommended Science Diet LD or KD to ease the stress of the protein load on his liver, and if he starts to eat a little more I will get this as well. His main problem is his heartworm status is severe and must be treated as soon as he is physically able to stand it. He needs a dental badly but that is WAY at the bottom of the list of his problems.
CorgiAid supporters helped Hobbs have the very best chance to survive all his difficulties. He fought down his infection, with the help of antibiotics, and got well enough to face his next challenge -- heartworm treatment. He began his treatment in early April, has safely passed the two-week mark, and is feeling better every day.
Update from May 19: Happy news!! Hobbs has reached his forever home! It was a long journey from Texas to Massachusetts, but Hobbs' Dad came for him, and drove him to his new home. In the picture, Hobbs is in front of his new brother, Duffy (a 6-year-old Corgi who was also a rescue). Thank you for helping Hobbs get well so he could go home!!!

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