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Buddy: Granted January 22, 2004


The Story of Buddy

Last Updated: July 15, 2004

Rescuer: Becky Halsey at

I took him in as a foster to try to get a diagnosis of his skin conditions before he is shuffled off again. He has had several homes and the owners don't invest time to determine the causes of his conditions. When I first saw him at the shelter he was raw on his underside from chewing and scratching his fur. I got old vet records and they show that he has had a variety of skin disorders including dermodectic mange and is usually treated with dips and antibiotics and prednizone. His immune system is compromised. His last owner ended up locking him in the garage for several months due to the skin problems and odor and diarrhea. My vet has diagnosed him with a minor thyroid problem for which medication has been prescribed. We are trying different foods to see if he reacts.
Buddy is the polar opposite of my current dog. He has the best temperment you could ask for. He gets along wonderfully with other dogs, people and children. He just wants to be held and loved and petted but he has an unfortunate odor and skin problem that would cause some folks to avoid giving him the attention he needs.
Buddy is now in a loving situation, and CorgiAid supporters are helping Buddy get healthy and ready for his forever home.
Update -- Buddy is happy in his forever home. Look at him with his sister. Is that a pic of two happy dogs, or what?? :-)

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