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Rudy: Granted January 19, 2004


The Story of Rudy

Last Updated: January 19, 2004

Rescuer: Steve Siemens at

This little corgi/corgi-mix was found dumped outside a persons gate who had 8 dogs and other animals. They thought he may have gotten lost or something so they put an ad in the paper and at local pet stores and vets. No one in almost a month called or inquired about this pup. I saw the ad and went to see him after talking to the people since they were not with all their other animals going to be able to keep him. He was so cute and loveable and friendly came right over and wanted kisses and hugs. I could see right off he was at the least a corgi mix since he has all the markings of a corgi, even down to the pants, spotted belly and attitude. I thought more about him going to the shelter and could not let it happen since he was such a sweet heart and he has way too much corgi in him.
He has the cutest little pants like a cardi, and he has slightly pointed ears like a pem not the big rounded ears of a cardi baby. I have taken numerous pics of him so people could see his looks and such. He is at the vets as I write this getting tutored, chipped and such he had hook worms but in general he is in good health. he has endeared his way into everyones hearts at the vets, and even the vets who see hundreds of dogs a week when I went by yesterday were saying " he is so cute and such a good boy!!" He will make someone a fine young pup.
CorgiAid supporters will help Rudy get ready for a new family -- neutering, flea prevention, vaccinations, heartworm test. Someone will want this sweet boy in a hurry!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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