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Kergan: Granted December 23, 2003


The Story of Kergan

Last Updated: December 24, 2003

Rescuer: Debbie Campbell at

BackgroundKergan was an owner-surrender to colleague Pat back in 1999-2000. (Pat is a Palmetto Volunteer and has worked with the Mayflower Club before her move to NC. Pat also assists with the Carolina Purebred Rescue network and does a lot of rescue volunteer work in Eastern NC where she lives.) Pat placed Kergan in January 2000 into home with an elderly gentleman who had some health problems of his own. Kergan proved to be good medicine for him as they were devoted to each other. Near the end of November, the owner's health deteriorated to the point he had to place himself in a nursing home leaving Kergan to find her way back to Pat once more.
Kergan has had excellent vet care and is in good overall condition for an 11 yr old. She loves people and has gotten along splendidly with Pat's three corgis. Even Pat's senior queen that never believed she was a dog, has enjoyed a romp and run with Kergan. She does not look or act her age. Kergan was on the chunky side when she returned to Pat, but with the monitoring her diet she has lost weight and her energy levels are up.
Even though Kergan had excellent vet records and care for her had been maintained, there was no evidence of her teeth having been addressed and are now in fairly bad condition. Also one of her eyes was filling with mucous on a daily basis and a small tumor on her eyelid was found to be the cause. She shows no signs of cataracts, her heart is good, ears nice and clear.
CorgiAid supporters will help Kergan get nice shiny clean teeth, and will fix her eyelids. She certainly deserves a forever home in which to spend her golden years.

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Debbie Campbell at for more information.

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