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Mr. Lucky: Granted December 15, 2003


The Story of Mr. Lucky

Last Updated: December 15, 2003

Rescuer: Tina Anderson at

Was an owner turn in... full story not known. What little we do know led us to believe that he was strictly an outdoor dog... with minimal care. When brought to the shelter they wanted to put a splint on his front left leg, but he was too wet for it to stay on. This leg is swollen at the "wrist/carpal" area and he is unable to put much/any weight on it. He is undergoing tests and med care to determine what is wrong. Tammy R spent time with this dog in the shelter, and felt he was a very special dog... other shelter workers agree.
He is very much a velcro dog. He responds very well to praise. He NEEDS a bath! He also needs to be neutered. He has responded well to cats, other dogs (multiple breeds), men & women. I have not yet taken him around children. He has a very "young" attitude... and seems to be so pleased to have another chance.
Initially he had to go to the specialists for x-rays, and tests. He was panting so much we were afraid of shock. The injured leg needs treatment, he needed testing. (Blood, urinalysis, heartworm, joint tap). They kept him overnight for monitoring, and tests. He needs to be neutered. He is currently getting prednisone, and may need other medical services and medications, before we can release him to be adopted.
Mr. Lucky is a lucky boy indeed to have found his way into rescue! Thanks to CorgiAid supporters, he will get healthy and ready to find his forever family.

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Tina Anderson at for more information.

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