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Iggy: Granted September 13, 2021


The Story of Iggy

Last Updated: October 06, 2021

Iggy, a 7-month-old pup, was surrendered to rescue, as he was not getting along with another dog in his home. His owners were also moving and decided they did not have room for another dog. After a few days with his foster family, they noticed Iggy walking with a stiff gait, glazed eyes and he began to exhibit anxiety. He was lethargic and having trouble breathing. He was rushed to emergency where they thought he had died – but he had a faint pulse. They discovered he had a significant amount of blood in his chest cavity – which is an indication that a dog has ingested rat poison. Upon investigation, it was determined the new home that they had moved into just days prior to Iggy being surrendered had held rat poison in the pen where the dogs had access to it. Iggy received a plasma transfusion and Thoracentesis with autotransfusion – which means they used the blood they drained from his lungs and transfused it back into his system. The shortage of blood donors for dogs meant this was their only option. Iggy made it through the procedure and is now recovering with his foster family, where once he is completely recovered, he will be available to find his forever home.

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