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Baby Groot: Granted August 04, 2021


The Story of Baby Groot

Last Updated: August 10, 2021

Baby Groot came into rescue at 9 weeks of age. Her previous owners said she had megaesophagus (ME) and they were not able to keep up with her care and feedings due to their work schedules. Rescue were able to get her into foster care with one of their medical fosters who's husband is a veterinary technician. The family that owned her had picked her up from a 'breeder' a couple of weeks before contacting rescue. They were told she had digestive issues but if they fed her in small amounts, she would be fine. She was extremely small and underweight for her age so the owners just wanted to get her home and try to get her healthy. One of the owners researched the symptoms and came up with ME. Once rescue got her into medical foster, they proceeded to care for her as if she did have ME until they were told differently from their veterinarian. The veterinarian isn't convinced after initial imaging that it is ME and Baby Groot will need to undergo further diagnostics and bloodwork before she has a diagnosis. CorgiAid has helped and continues to help with the care and testing for Baby Groot. Thanks to your kind donations, CorgiAid is able to help with the cost of medical care and testing for Baby Groot.

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