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Lucy: Granted November 19, 2003


The Story of Lucy

Last Updated: November 19, 2003

Rescued as she was being turned in at the Long Beach Shelter in Long Beach, CA on 10/24/03. She was found loose on the stree by a lady a month prior to that. She lived in an apt. and couldn't keep the dog. She remarked she thought the dog may have been hit by a car as her left front leg was defective and she moved out in a strange way.

This dog is totally sweet to people but seems to like her space with other dogs. Not aggressive but will probably be best as the only dog. She just wants to "cling" to her person.
Lucy was in good shape after being with this good samaritan for a month but had not been taken in for any vet exam or shots.
I had her spayed at the Pet Assistance rate through my vet and also he took an x-ray of her left front leg. It is dislocated but she is in no pain and just has a unique way of paddling when she walks. I have to take her back to have her spay stitches removed on or about 11/28 and will review with my vet the options of surgery. He said sometimes the cure is worse then the condition. CorgiAid supporters have helped Lucy get healthy so she can find her forever home.

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