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Odin: Granted April 01, 2021


The Story of Odin

Last Updated: April 09, 2021

Odin was surrendered to rescue after they were contacted by his owners. They recently had a baby and Odin was not adjusting well to having a new addition to the family. He reacted by wanting to run away on a few occasions, and he became an outdoor dog and was crated at night indoors. The owners knew this wasn't fair to Odin so he was welcomed into rescue where they could find him a home with no small children and where he could get the attention indoors he deserves.
As Odin will soon be a senior, bloodwork was done in preparation for his neuter and dental work. The rescue group was surprised to find that he was extremely anemic - as was the vet, as he was acting normal considering his numbers were so low. He was taken immediately to an ER vet for a blood transfusion and observation. He was doing better the next day and is now in foster care while further testing is being done to find out what is going on.

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