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Holly: Granted November 10, 2003


The Story of Holly

Last Updated: November 10, 2003

The animal shelter found her wandering the road after the hurricane Isabelle. They took her in and put her on petfinders. A corgi rescue group alerted me to her plight and I looked her up on petfinders and headed straight to the Animal shelter.
When I arrived at the shelter they bought her out and she was so sweet and loving it made me want to cry. Her hip has been injured and her ear. She hops on the bad leg and the ear is badly infected. She was also infested with fleas. But despite it all she never complains and is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. The Animal Shelter has no idea where she came from or any background. The storm was a month ago and no one has come forward to claim her. She is homeless and on her own, all 15 pounds of her. She is pretty thin.
She is the sweetest most humble dog I have ever come across. The vet hospital thought she was so sweet and cute. She likes people and dogs and children. She is just a real layed back gal.
I ask the shelter if I could foster her for awhile and headed out the door with her straight to the vet. There she received a flea bath and advantage for the fleas. They also gave her a rabies shot and tesed her for heartworms, she is positive. They also x-rayed her back leg and said it had been fractured and her ear infection was a yeast infection, but the ear is drawn down like it had been injured the same time as the hip maybe by a a car, not sure. So she needs Heatworm treatment, her hip repaired and they gave me medicine for the ear. She is presently at my house and I am feeding her and treating the ear infection. The vet wants to get her strength up before we start the heartworm treatment. She has been through quite a lot it seems. But she is snug as a bug right now with a belly full of chicken for the night. She seems to be housetrained and hops to the door to go out. What a little trooper.
Thanks to CorgiAid supporters, Holly will get her heartworm treated and will have her leg repaired. Another sweet dog will have a chance at the happy life she deserves.

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