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Grace: Granted March 14, 2020


The Story of Grace

Last Updated: November 25, 2020

Here is Grace’s story;
A woman in Arkansas found a young female Corgi and couldn’t find her owner. She contacted a Corgi rescue in Missouri and after some kind transporters helped her along the way; she made her way to their care. “Amazing Grace” was taken to the vet where it was determined she was one big flea! It was clear she had a flea allergy. She had a fungal infection in both ears and an eye infection in both eyes. Staph infection on her skin, she was malnourished and her back teeth were nasty.
After months of medical care, Grace is now healthy, and has a beautiful coat. She has a sweet, gentle temperament, and is even great with the Corgis in her foster home. She's a hit with everyone that she meets, including her vet. After all she had been through, she showed that she is one tough little cookie!

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