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Ollie: Granted January 02, 2020


The Story of Ollie

Last Updated: January 03, 2020

Here is Ollie's story, in the words of his rescuer:

"Ollie's elderly owner contacted us on the 27th after trying to treat him for diabetes but didn't have the funds to continue treatment. Ollie was surrendered to us on 12/27/19 and we had him transferred from owner's vet to our vet on 12/28/19 for continued treatment and diagnostics.

"Ollie was allowed to become obese while with his previous owner. He was 53 lbs but has lost 10 lbs over the last 3 weeks due to illness. Once we get him stable, we will continue to make sure he gets to a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise."

Ollie spent a week in the hospital, as they worked to stabilize his health. As I write, on 1/3/20, he is feeling MUCH better, and is expected to go home with a foster care-giver today.

CorgiAid supporters have helped Ollie with the expense of getting him stabilized and healthy enough to leave the hospital, so he can continue to work on getting healthy in a home environment. Thank you!

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