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Wilma: Granted October 24, 2003


The Story of Wilma

Last Updated: October 24, 2003

Wilma and her sister Betsy were released from a puppymill in Missouri to a very nice veterinarian. They stayed with Dr. Jane for a bit, then went to Martha until I could take them into my rescue group.
Wilma is a wonderful girl, she was very leary of new places and people at first, but now she can keep up with the frap pack during play time, and her corgi smile is unbeatable!
Wilma is such a beauty, and that silly, floppy ear just makes her that much more endearing. I was very nervous when I agreed to take Wilma and Betsy, I really had no room at the inn, and I didn't even know where to put them, but I am so glad that I did make room for them, they have brougt me so much joy. Watching a dog start over in the world, a world they've never known about because they were trapped in a puppymill, is an amazing thing, and Wilma is a true testament to the personality of a strong and happy corgi. I think she is determined to be happy!
CorgiAid supporters have repaid kind Dr. Jane for the expenses she incurred when she rescued the girls, and are helping Wilma and Betsy get healthy so they will be ready for the loving homes they have alwasy deserved.

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