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Rusty: Granted June 26, 2018


The Story of Rusty

Last Updated: July 03, 2018

As much as we all wish every rescue story could have a happy ending, reality is not that kind or gentle.

Tissue alert.

Here is Rusty's story in the words of the person who tried to rescue him:

"A young school teacher bought Rusty off of Craig's List. She has just lost her Corgi to cancer. Rusty was more than she expected and she didn't have time for him, or so she said.

"I picked Rusty up at the girls house. I put him in the crate in my car. He barked, and I mean barked!, all the way to the vet. When we got there I couldn't get him out of the crate without assistance. He was trying to bite me. He could under no circumstances be touched on most of his body, especially his back. And he could not be picked up. We suspected a back or hip issue. It had to be pain. Xrays were fine.

"Then we discovered that the girl had taken him to the same vet office, but they had been unable to examine him. Guessing it could be soft tissue injury, we medicated. No change.

"After a few weeks his foster dad could touch him if he was very careful. But he could not be trusted and certainly could not be placed. We made the decision to let him go. It was the last resort."

CorgiAid supporters have helped with Rusty's final expenses.

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