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Gabby: Granted June 18, 2018


The Story of Gabby

Last Updated: July 03, 2018

As much as we all hope every rescue story can have a happy ending, reality is not that gentle or kind.

Tissue alert.

Here is Gabby's story:

"Gabby was sweet and playful and loved her foster parents. Gabby had neurological issues. Her foster family noticed that she could not sleep. She would lie awake all night, even when in their bed. In the yard she would run the fence line until she literally dropped. There was no off button. She loved to play with their Corgi, but could not stop.

"We ran a thyroid actually hoping that we would find something. We didn't. All blood work was fine.

"Gabby began to get nippy. She would sit on her foster dad's lap for loving, then out of no where whip her head around to bite him. She had no idea that she was biting. Our vet called for a neuro consult. The neurologist gave two options. First an MRI for $1,700. Noting that he doubted a brain tumor and if there was one, surgery may not be possible. The second was to let her go. To his knowledge there was nothing on the market to treat her. He said, 'Much like people.' As a last resort we tried CBD oil. It actually calmed her a bit and she would sleep 3-4 hours a night. Still, she had no quality of life. We made the very hard decision to let her go."

CorgiAid supporters have helped with Gabby's pre-bite expenses, and with her final expenses. Thank you.

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