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Pancakes: Granted June 15, 2018


The Story of Pancakes

Last Updated: July 03, 2018

CorgiAid's main goal is to help homeless corgis get healthy, so they can move on into permanent loving homes.

Sometimes a dog is adopted with serious issues that are expensive to resolve. Examples are heartworm infestation, or a crying need for dentistry. When a very newly-adopted dog has an issue that clearly existed when the dog was adopted, CorgiAid may be able to help.

Pancakes is one of those dogs.

Here is his story, in the words of his family:

"We adopted Pancakes from a rescue 2 weeks ago. He had been showing signs of vomiting since birth and we decided to take on the responsibility. At first we believed it was a mechanical issue and we strictly regimented his diet. After two weeks we found the issue was not getting better. Yesterday we took him to the vet to have a series of X-rays to check for more serious issues and found he has persistent right aortic arch. Unfortunately the only way to fix this issue is through surgery."

Pancakes' aorta was wrapped around his esophagus, making it impossible for him take in (and keep in) enough food to allow him to thrive.

CorgiAid supporters helped Pancakes get the surgery he needed. While his eating may need to be carefully managed for the rest of his life, he is expected to have a normal life with good care. Thank you!

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