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Ruby Valentina: Granted February 20, 2018


The Story of Ruby Valentina

Last Updated: March 28, 2018

Here is Ruby Valentina's story, in the words of her rescuer:

"Little Ruby Valentina was taken to the animal shelter on Valentine's Day by her owner, who tearfully shared that his wife demand she be brought in because she was tired of her smell. The shelter called us and we said Of course she's not staying there. Her vet visit exposed a wide range of health issues that would explain the smell. Urinary tract, ear and skin infections, terrible teeth and dental disease. She also has untreated chronic dry eye. After posting her to our rescues page, one of our prior adopters felt the call to be her permanent hospice foster until she crosses the Bridge."

CorgiAid's primary goal is to help homeless corgis with the expense of medical care, so they can find permanent loving homes.

Sometimes a dog comes into rescue with so many issues that adoption is very unlikely. In this case, CorgiAid recognizes that rescuers *will* take care of those dogs, no matter what.

To ease the burden of expense for rescuers, from time to time CorgiAid agrees to help a dog (usually an elderly dog with multiple health issues) with the medical costs of hospice foster. Ruby Valentina is one of these dogs.

CorgiAid supporters have helped Ruby Valentina with the medical care she needed, including a clean and healthy mouth, and will continue to help her with any palliative care she may need while she is still here with us on this planet. Thank you.

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