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Dugan: Granted September 25, 2003


The Story of Dugan

Last Updated: September 25, 2003

Dugan was turned in to be euthanized by owners at Conroe Vet Clinic in Conroe, Texas for problems with allergies. The vet asked one of his clients who deals with rescue to see if someone could help this dog since his problem was fixable. I got an email asking to pick the dog up. When I went to get him I found a pb young, tricolor male Pembroke with several deep, large sores on his back, stomach, and under his legs and many flea bites. Vet records indicated he had been seen once by the vet several months before and was given antibiotics and prednisone. No other attempts to vet this dog were recorded by his previous owner. The dog was taken to Atascazoo Vet Clinic in Humble, Texas. They determined the dog needed to be completely shaved to assess and treat the extensive skin problem and wounds. Dugan was neutered, shaved and kept by the vet clinic for one week before I went to get him for fostering.Dugan's left eye is without functioning tear ducts at this time and needs Opptimune Ointment four times a day. It is undetermined if this will be a temporary or permanent problem at this time.
Dugan is a very nice little boy, unusually agile. Might make a good agility candidate. First time I tried to give him a bath he jumped up and walked around the tub on the rim watching me fill the bath tub. Now that's balance!
Thanks to the kindness and generosity of CorgiAid supporters, Doogie, as his foster mom fondly calls him, is well on the way to recovery. Doogie's vet believes he will recover completely from his terrible skin trouble, but he may need his eye drops for the rest of his life.

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