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Toby: Granted April 20, 2017


The Story of Toby

Last Updated: June 20, 2017

Here is Toby's story, in the words of his rescuer:

"Rescue was contacted by an individual who had possession of Toby for a few years. She had health issues, and was unable to care for him, due to his excessive weight and lack of mobility.

"Toby has severe mobility issues, due to IMPA which was left untreated for years. He is unable to walk on his feet, but rather walks a bit like a seal due to the laxity in his wrists and ankles. Our goal is to ensure that his discomfort is minimized with pain management, and to increase his mobility with weight loss. Upon coming into rescue, he was 10 pounds overweight, which further compromises his mobility."

CorgiAid supporters helped with getting Toby diagnosed, and with meds to manage his discomfort, so he can be as comfortable as possible. Thank you!

Toby was rescued in South Carolina.

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