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Andy Porkchop: Granted April 11, 2017


The Story of Andy Porkchop

Last Updated: June 22, 2017

CorgiAid's main goal is to help homeless corgis get healthy, so they can move on into happy new chapters of their lives.

CorgiAid may be able to help an adopted dog with an issue that clearly existed when the dog was adopted

Andy is one of these dogs. Here is her story, told by her new family.

"Hello! I'd like to share my story with you about Andy Porkchop!

"We cannot thank CorgiAid enough.

"My father adopted Andy Porkchop, and her "sister," Tessa, who is Andy’s best friend since she was a puppy. Andy had been limping, and when my father took her to the vet, we got the bad news that she had a torn ACL. It was in very bad shape, and Andy couldn’t play like her normal self. The vet suggested she have surgery to repair her leg.

"My dad had no idea how he could afford it. He had already spent a lot of money getting both Andy and Tessa checked out, getting their vaccines, and having them microchipped.

"We contacted CorgiAid and explained the situation. CorgiAid made it possible for Andy to get the surgery as soon as possible. She had her surgery early May of 2017, and is now (late June 2017) doing really well. We have her on a short leash (literally and metaphorically) so she cannot go running, and while she may not be too happy about that, we know that she is a lot happier now without her leg hurting her.

"CorgiAid has been a savior for us, and we will never be able to show our appreciation. Thank you again."

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