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Gavin: Granted August 27, 2003


The Story of Gavin

Last Updated: September 10, 2003

Gavin was surrendered by his owner because of a new baby.
Gavin entered our program, and became increasingly lethargic and would not eat. He was having urine accidents in his crate and was drinking large quanities of water. When we took him to our vet he was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and a urinary tract infection and was started on a course of oral Clavamox antibotics and given an injection of penicillen G. X rays were taken of urethra to rule out suspected stones in urethra blocking urine flow and contributing to symptoms. He was also put on a bland diet of chicken and rice due to vomiting and not tolerating dog foods and to encourage him to eat. Bloodwork done as well to assess health status. Gavin\'s condition did not improve as expected with the medication and was seen again for further testing. We were referred to a specialist because of his bloodwork - which presented with high glucose in his urine, but not in his blood. Fanconi syndrome was considered by our vet but he felt he should be examined by a specialist. The specialist suggested two things to take care of first to help rule out possible causes to Gavin\'s symptoms - getting him neutered quickly due to an enlarged prostate that might be contributing to his symptoms, and keeping him on Clavamox antiobiotics for 3 weeks past neutering to thoroughly treat the possibility of a deep seated kidney infection.
Gavin\'s prognosis is tentatively good - urine culture to be done 1 week after Clavamox antibiotics completed to be sure infection cleared up and urinalysis to be done at that time and also blood panel rechecked to determine if any other conditions are presenting that need to be addressed.
CorgiAid is helping Gavin get healthy, so that he can find his forever family.

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