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Freckles, now Scarlet Belle: Granted August 17, 2003


The Story of Freckles, now Scarlet Belle

Last Updated: August 17, 2003

Scarlet Belle, formerly known as Freckles, was turned in to the Chattanooga shelter by her family when they moved to Oregon. They told the shelter that she was a purebred corgi, and that she was wonderful with kids and other dogs.
She seems to be very friendly and outgoing. When her rescuer first saw her, she was lying in the shade of a Great Pyr rescue dog, and she thought he was wonderful. She liked every human she met when she was with us, and the staff of Barney's Orphanage and Paris Lynn's Charm School gave her their approval!
"Freckles/Scarlet was supposed to be put to sleep Sun. morning. Owner turn-ins don't get many days, and the shelter was full. I had been e-mailing one of the shelter workers getting more pictures while the CorgiRescue List helped decide if she was purebred corgi and pem or cardi or a mix. On Sunday morning I sent a note saying I hoped she had a few more days and named a dozen or so people who were working to find her a place to go. The lady e-mailed back and said that that note saved her life. They gave her till Tues. We got her out Tues. morning! This little girl owes her life to the CorgiRescue List. We had help pulling, transporting, I paid her expenses, and Jeanne U. will foster and place her.
"I still don't know if Scarlet is a pure corgi or a mix. She is startlingly like Barnianne. She looked corgi/spaniel in her shelter pictures, but in person (or in dog), she's much more corgi looking."
Thanks to CorgiAid supporters, Scarlet's life was spared. This one was really in the nick of time!
Update from Scarlet's foster home: "Scarlet is a really sweet girl. She has befriended a 6 yr. old child who lives near her 'temporary foster' mom, who had been badly bitten by a dog and was terrified of them. She's been kissing and loving on Scarlet and has become sort of an instant therapy dog for the child. Jeanne has promised to try to place her in a home with children. How lucky we were to get her out of there before she was put to sleep!"

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