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Teddy: Granted January 10, 2017


The Story of Teddy

Last Updated: June 22, 2017

CorgiAid's main goal is to help homeless corgis get healthy, so they can get ready to move on into the happy next chapter of their lives.

CorgiAid may be able to help an adopted dog with the expense of dealing with an issue that clearly existed at the time the dog was adopted, like heartworm, or a need for serious dental care for dirty teeth.

Teddy is one of these dogs.

"Teddy was found on my neighbor's doorstep. He had no tags,no collar, no microchip and very dirty. He is such a sweet dog and very approachable. The neighbor took him to a vet and the animal services to look for a microchip. Could not locate any, put up flyers and filed a report. It's been almost 30 days and no one has come forward. He will be available for adoption and I wish to adopt Teddy (gave him a name) as my own. Though it tends to happen extremely often in our neighborhood, we can't imagine someone dumping this beautiful sweet little dog. He is so affectionate, gentle, sweet and smart.He was taken to the veterinarian on 12/30/16. He is approx 8 years old. He has severe dental problems, including terrible tartar and needs a minimum of three extractions. To have these done he will need blood testing and heartworm testing along with anesthesia. He was given his basic vaccines and treated for a crusty rash in his right armpit that had to be shaved down and back and was probably due to a skin infection. He was given antibiotics.

"He is gentle and sweet. Loves to play tug of war with a stuffed animal and gets along well with my dog SusieQ who is a half Golden Retriever/ Brittany Spaniel and my two cats."

CorgiAid supporters have helped Teddy get his rash treated, and get a clean and healthy mouth. Thank you!

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