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Leo: Granted December 12, 2016


The Story of Leo

Last Updated: December 23, 2016

Rescuer: Pattie Lazarus at

Here is Leo's story, in the words of his rescuer:

"Leo was left in a Florida shelter. He was listed as a 10 year old Welsh Terrier with a leg issue. No other rescue would step up for him so we did. He was pulled for us by a vet from Boca Raton who did the surgery to remove the neurofibroma but the pathology came back that although the tumor was benign this type of tumor will return if the lines are not clean which they weren't. He was then transported to South Carolina and boarded until our transporter picked him up. When he arrived there the stitches had broken apart in one area of the incision so they needed to be restitched and he was in need of antibiotic cream and pain meds which was taken care of there. He then started his journey to New York and once here we took him to our vet who recommended we see an Oncologist to perform radiation on the tendrils from the original tumor. We then took him to the Veterinary Cancer Center in Connecticut to Dr Ward. During his exam they discovered a new tumor in the same leg. Their recommendation was amputation. They feel it is the only way to possibly ensure that the tumors will be completely gone. We then took him back to our vet to have chest x-rays to make sure that his heart and lungs had no sign of the tumors and to see the surgeon. We then scheduled his surgery for Wednesday the 14th of December. It's been a very long journey for Leo and we really need help with these bills. We currently have 8 dogs in foster care or hospice.

"Leo has no aggression whatsoever. He is sweet and loving and just a complete doll.

"Leo's favorite things are playing fetch and snacks. A typical Corgi. He didn't deserve to be left in one of the worst shelters in the country to die. I know he'll do really well and Dr. I. is an amazing surgeon. Leo is going to make someone very happy once he is healed."

CorgiAid supporters have helped Leo with the life-saving surgery he needed. Thank you!

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Pattie Lazarus at for more information.

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