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Bailey: Granted December 06, 2016


The Story of Bailey

Last Updated: December 23, 2016

Here is Bailey's story, in the words of her rescuer:

"A story that we have heard many times. A couple had their second child and could not take care of the dogs (we got two -- both obese and not cared for).

"When we got her she was in too much pain to do anything. Now she is much better and a sweetheart.

"Bailey came to us unable to take more than one step. Her allergies were so bad that she had no hair in a band around her neck about two inches wife. Also she had chewed her feet until they were bleeding. She had periodontal disease and was peeing blood. She was grossly over weight.

"Drugs are a wonderful thing! After Bailey's x-rays showed severe arthritis in her back and hip (some hip dysplasia too, she was started on Gabapentin and Carprofen. Within a few days she could walk. Within a week she could walk up a short stair way. She can now run a short distance in her yard. Apoquel helped heal her neck and feet and kept the allergies at bay. More drugs and a special diet cleared the UTI, but due to her confirmation, UTI's may be a continuing issue. Her vulva is much lower than normal. She has lost seven pounds."

CorgiAid supporters have helped Bailey get her issues addressed (and her many drugs acquired!). She feels so much better! Her allergies are being treated, and she now has a clean and healthy mouth. Thank you.

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