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Annie: Granted December 06, 2016


The Story of Annie

Last Updated: December 23, 2016

Here is Annie's story, in the words of her rescuer:

"The shelter contacted rescue concerning an eight year old intact female corgi which had been given by a dog breeder to a volunteer. The dog would no longer breed with the male dog, and the owner wished to discard the dog. The dog was encrusted in dirt and feces, found to have ear mites, and a bladder infection was suspected when brought to the humane society by this volunteer.

"The dog was named Bunny when brought into rescue, but did not respond to the name. She was renamed Annie, in that she was a red and white corgi, with no home, so she became Little Orphan Annie. One photo shows how both her ears were clipped by the breeder, with wedges cut off the tops of both ears."

Poor Annie! In addition to dirt, feces, mites, and infections in her ears and urinary tract, she came into rescue with mammary masses and rotten teeth.

CorgiAid supporters have helped Annie battle all of her health issues, so she could get ready to become a beloved pet rather than a sausage factory. Thank you! We are so glad we can report that her pathology report and prognosis are good.

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