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Jack: Granted August 08, 2003


The Story of Jack

Last Updated: August 08, 2003

Jack is a black headed tri pembroke male with cataracts. He seems to be completely blind.
His rescuer says: "We have started to let him in the backyard with the other dogs with no problems. He loves being able to jog around the yard. It's amazing how he does it with no sight. The collies are cool, the cardigan 6 mo old pups do hit and runs on him-he just ignores them. My male cardi special follows him everywhere. When in the house, he loves to sit on your lap, and our 5 yr old will cuddle him and pet him forever."
CorgiAid supporters will help Jack get ready for a new home. He needs to be neutered, to have his shots updated, and to have his teeth cleaned. Jack will be evaluated by a canine opthalmologist, to determine if it is practical to try to do something about his sight.

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