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Bones: Granted September 17, 2016


The Story of Bones

Last Updated: October 07, 2016

Rescuer: Brandy Allen at

As much as we hope every rescue story can have a happy ending, reality is not that kind.

Tissue alert.

Bones came into rescue as an elderly guy with no medical history. He had an ear infection, and a polyp in his ear. CorgiAid supporters helped Bones get the vet care he needed, including surgery to remove the polyp. Unfortunately, it turned out that wasn't the worst of his issues.

Here is what his rescuer says:

"Bones passed away September 24, 2016. He was in surgery to get a polyp removed from inside his ear as it was causing a secondary infection. When the polyp was removed the vet discovered a massive tumor behind it. It was malignant and he told me it has spread all over him and that he was suffering and that there was nothing they could do for him to improve his quality of life. It was very difficult bio make the decision to euthanize Bones while he was still under anesthesia... I wish I knew that it was going to be the last time I would see his face looking back at me with all that love in his eyes. I am in shock because he was a happy boy and he did not seem like he was that sick but he was only apart of my life for 2 weeks so I can't really say. Maybe his personality was normally hyper and bursting with energy... he was mellow but attentive, played a little ball but not obsessive bout playing, his appetite was normal and over all seemed healthy accept for the ear infection. It just is such a tragedy. He won our hearts and we are lucky that he came into our lives. I hope we made him comfortable and happy the last days of his life cause he was a good friend to us, he brought joy and comfort to our house and hearts. WE LUV U BONES!!!"

This dog is not available for adoption.

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