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Daisey: Granted August 08, 2016


The Story of Daisey

Last Updated: September 15, 2016

Here is Daisey's story, in the words of her rescuer:

"Daisey was dumped a rural area construction site. A woman found her and then called us. The owner could not be located. I asked the woman to take her to the vet and get a HW test and check for a chip. Daisey tested HW positive. She had a chip, but when the chip registrant was contacted she said that her dog had been dead for two years. And so it goes.

"Daisey had fungal infection in both ears and under her front legs. She has a tumor under her tongue, suspected to be cancer from all appearances, her teeth are not good although she can eat, and after taking x-rays we discovered that most of her spine has arthritis.

"We suspect that the tumor under her tongue is squamous cell, but because she is HW positive we cannot put her under anesthetic for removal or biopsy. Heartworm treatment is 180 days, but if the tumor is cancer, she may not live 180 days. Our choice, especially with her back, was euthanasia or palliative care for as long as she may live. Her foster parents and I decided on palliative care so that Daisey can have a few months of love, good food, and be pain free. Although not moving quickly, she is happy and pain free. Loves her foster home."

CorgiAid supporters are helping Daisey with her care. Thank you. We all hope that she, like Stella, will turn out to have a tumor that can be removed and not return!

Daisey was rescued in Missouri.

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