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Charles: Granted July 16, 2016


The Story of Charles

Last Updated: September 13, 2016

Rescuer: Natalie Hilty at

Here is Charles' story, in the words of his rescuer:

"Charles was dumped in the parking lot of Texas Veterinary Hospital in San Antonio, Texas on 4/26/16. He is overweight (down to 33.10 from more than 40 lbs). Charles has motor function but no CPs (conscious proprioception) so he is uncoordinated and can't walk on his own. He can sometimes get his feet under himself but cannot take steps. He is fully continent (bowel and bladder). The vet originally suspected disc disease because of his weight but he has had no change since being on a strict diet and losing some weight. He grunts when helped up, which could be due to his weight, but shows no other signs of obvious pain. He has been living with the vet who strictly confined him for the first month to allow healing in case it was a disc. He has had full bloodwork to check his general health and no problems found. He is heartworm negative. Radiographs were taken of his spine on 7/9/16. Dr. Lowe's impressions of x-rays: 'Two view TL spinal rads taken (he is a perfect patient and did not require sedation, but is very round so perfect lateral is difficult to obtain). No obvious disc space narrowing, but does not r/o IVDD.' "

CorgiAid supporters helped Charles with the expenses he incurred while in the care of the Good Samaritan vet who took him in after he was dumped in her parking lot, and helped him get a visit to a neurologist, who felt the most likely diagnosis is degenerative myelopathy, given that he tested "at risk" for DM.

Charles' foster mom is taking excellent care of him, including swimming lessons in her pool.

He came into rescue with a large lipoma which interfered with his cart use. CorgiAid supporters have helped him get rid of that, and get a clean and healthy mouth. Thank you.

Charles was rescued in Texas.

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