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Rainey: Granted March 21, 2016


The Story of Rainey

Last Updated: April 05, 2016

Here is Rainey's story, in the words of her rescuer:

"Rainey and three other Corgis, three females and one male, were purchased for breeding. Then the husband died and the woman was unable to keep the farm. She moved to town and took the Corgis. She could not care for them. I picked them, after paying for Rabies vaccinations at their local vet. Three went to another Corgi Rescue and Rainey stayed with us. She had the usual terrible mouth, long nails, etc. She was also frightened of everyone one and everything. She settled well into her foster home and her best friend became the cat, not the other Corgis.

"Her foster mom noticed that she was fearful of anyone touching her head, although she wanted to be petted. She was treated for an ear infection and had her teeth cleaned. Still she had a lot of pain in the right head area. X-rays were done of her cervical back, but showed nothing. The veterinary chiropractor did an adjustment and suggested perhaps TMJ. Our vet decided that we needed cranial x-rays. Even under anesthetic during her dental, Rainey cried in pain.

"We took her to the specialist and complete cranial x-rays were performed. The radiologist found nothing regarding bones in the cranial area and nothing in the cervical. The radiologist did suggest she be tested for masticatory myositis. Blood was drawn and has been sent to UCSD for testing, and the results were negative.

"Rainey is a sweet rather shy girl. After a couple of months of settling in, she is friends with the other Corgis in her foster home, but still likes the cat best. Even in pain, she has not tried to bite the vet, techs, or her foster mom."

CorgiAid supporters have helped Rainey with all of her diagnostics and her care (including a clean and healthy mouth). At present Rainey is on pain medication, and is feeling better. Thank you!

Rainey was rescued in Missouri.

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