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Charlie: Granted March 21, 2016


The Story of Charlie

Last Updated: March 22, 2016

Here is Charlie's story in the words of his rescuer:

"When we got Charlie he was extremely underweight, drinking excessively, and urinating frequently. We took him to an excellent veterinarian to help determine the cause of his symptoms. His differential diagnosis included everything from diabetes to Cushing's disease to cancer.

"The final diagnosis was primary (psychogenic) polydypsia. Charlie needs to have 265mL water three times daily to maintain hydration, but not overhydrate, which would lead to excessive urination. His urine specific gravity should be checked every 1-2 weeks initially to ensure he is not becoming dehydrated or receiving too much water. This treatment, along with increase stimulation such as daily exercise, a second pet or companion, more frequent contact with people, leaving the radio or tv on when no-one is home, other forms of distraction, is recommended to distract him from constantly seeking water.

"We have placed Charlie with a foster and when he is stable we will put him up for adoption."

CorgiAid supporters have helped Charlie get a diagnosis, and get a plan to help him stop drinking too much. This will help him be more comfortable, and will help him get ready to move on into a happy future. Thank you!

Charlie was rescued in South Carolina.

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