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Serena: Granted August 07, 2003


The Story of Serena

Last Updated: August 07, 2003

Adrienne, the director of BlueMoon Sanctuary in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri is a lovely lady and devoted to the dogs. She calls Corgi rescue when she hears of a Corgi in need.
Serena was in an abusive home, kept in one room with the usual urine and feces and never allowed outside of the room. The man decided to shoot Serena because she barked. The woman called BlueMoon, who rescued Serena. Adrienne called Corgi rescue, and began to hunt for the right home for Serena. A few days later Adrienne called Corgi rescue to say that she was thinking about keeping Serena. She has a blind Brussels and Selena and the Brussels bonded. In addition Selena follows Adrienne everywhere. Adrienne has experience with the blind dogs and will be a wonderful person for Serena.
Serena's teeth were in terrible shape when she was rescued. She needed to be spayed, and to have her eyes examined.
CorgiAid can help when a recently-adopted dog arrives with known health issues.
Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about Serena's eyes. It's is a genetic disease called "little eyes." Dr. Tom said that it will get no better and no worse.
Serena is now spayed and has clean teeth, and is much loved in a happy home.
Many thanks to CorgiAid supporters who have helped her along the way!

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