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Sammie: Granted January 01, 2016


The Story of Sammie

Last Updated: January 22, 2016

Here is Sammie's story, in the words of his rescuer:

"A curious story. One day HS received a call from a person saying tht they wanted to turn in their Corgi. They were told that there was a fee. The next morning HS found the Corgi in their night drop off area. The dog was ill so HS called the County shelter to take him because he needed to be euthanized. County picked him, took him to their shelter, then called me. There was a five day wait to get him.

"When I got there, they told me that he had Bordetella. Note that both shelters had the dog as a spayed female. I took Sammie straight to my vet. He had a raging case of pneumonia in addition to Bordetella. I was told that if we could get him through the first couple of days that he would probably make it. It was touch and go, but in typical Corgi fashion he made it.

"Sammie turned out to be a great little guy. Note guy. Don't ask me how two shelters could miss that!
"After he recovered from his pneumonia and Bordetella he was neutered. A Sertoli tumor was found. But with now clear chest x-rays and perfect blood work, Sammie was doing great!

"Sammy was getting ready for a new home. The morning that I was suppose to take him, he had a seizure. I hurried to get ready for ER. We arrived and he had another seizure in the lobby. He then had a Grand Mal seizure in the exam room. Cluster seizures. He spent the night for fluids and meds. Next morning off to our vet. He has been diagnosed with Epilepsy. The boy can't catch a break.

"Okay, so he is doing fine on his epilepsy meds, then the groomer found a lump under his chin. Off to the vet again. Lucky for Sammie, it a small cyst, not cancerous, but will probably need to be drained a couple of times a year. We certainly got a lot out of it today with a needle. With a bit of luck Sammie will have no more issues and we can find an adopter who will love him and deal with his seizures."

Whew! That is a lot for one small dog to go through!

CorgiAid supporters have stood behind Sammie all the way, helping him beat (or deal with) one issue after another. Thank you! Your kindness has made it possible for him to get ready for a happy new chapter.

Sammie was rescued in Missouri.

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