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Prairie: Granted July 28, 2003


The Story of Prairie

Last Updated: July 28, 2003

Prairie came in as a stray to a rural animal control. His rescuers were called by a woman who was concerned about him. They arrived at the shelter to find a dog with many presenting problems. They rushed him to their vet clinic.
Prairie had hair loss, fleas, multiple skin infections, yeast infections in both ears, possible eye infection, severely overgrown nails, and in general body was bloated. Apparently neglected and in poor health.
At the vet, Prairie had skin scrapings done. He was put on Revolution for fleas and mange (may change treatment course to Ivermectin per vet's advice). The yeast in his ears treated was with Panofite, his eyes were examined and treated with Opthalmic BNP, his skin infections treated with Ketochlor shampoo regime, and Cephalexin oral antibiotics. He has had Derm Caps diet supplements, and hemolex spray used to improve skin condition. He has was also given a Cortisone injection and prednisone tablets for general itching. When healthy enough, Prairie was vaccinated and wormed.
Still to do: complete blood work to further evaluate other possible health concerns, test for heartworms, and dental if needed.
Prognosis: Our vets believe Prairie will resolve his current medical concerns. We still need to do the above listed in order to get a complete idea of what he may still need.
Look at the sweet smile on Prairie's little face, despite the severe neglect he has suffered.
CorgiAid supporters are helping Prairie get healthy, so that he can know kindness and love and good food for the rest of his life.

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