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Buddy: Granted August 07, 2015


The Story of Buddy

Last Updated: September 30, 2015

CorgiAid's primary goal is to help homeless corgi (and corgi mix!) dogs get healthy, so they can find permanent loving homes.
From time to time, a dog with a serious medical issue is adopted. If we receive an application for aid for a dog adopted within two weeks of the date of the application, we may be able to help with taking care of an issue that existed before adoption.
This is the case with Buddy, who had been hit by a car before he was adopted.
Here is his story, in the words of his adopter:
"I just adopted Buddy. I was told he had been hit by a car. I have brought him to my vet for a complete work up. The doctor took x-rays and said his left hip is out of socket. It has been out of socket for 4-6 weeks! From this his ball of the femur is wearing down and also trying to make a new joint. She states this is very painful. His knee on the same leg (left back) he has torn his cruciate ligament."
CorgiAid supporters have helped Buddy get the surgery he needed for the best chance at comfortable mobility. Thank you!

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