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Raisin: Granted July 21, 2015


The Story of Raisin

Last Updated: August 03, 2015

As much as we all hope that every rescue story can have a happy ending, the sad truth is that reality is not that kind.
Tissue alert. This story is a very hard one to read......

Here is Raisin's story, in the words of the rescuer who loved her:
"We received a message from the ACO of a very small, underfunded shelter about Raisin. She had been in their shelter for some time and no one would adopt her. She had a terrible skin condition and the shelter had no funds to treat her. She said she is young and very sweet, she deserves a chance. Can you take her. We of course said yes.
"The ACO herself drove her 2 hours to meet me. Raisin was indeed as sweet as she said. I noticed Raisin squatting to urinate a lot and assumed she had a UTI. I dropped her at our vet the next day. I got a call a few hours into the day. Raisin had a bladder stone, so large it was visible on the outside. Our vet could see it without xray. It was the size of a tennis ball. She was scheduled for surgery to have it removed. Her skin issue was deemed yeast and she was given shampoo for that.
"After her surgery, the vet called and told me how awful it was, how much pain she must have been in, and how difficult the surgery had been. She had to stay overnight or until she was eating, drinking and urinating normally. For two days she refused food. Her body filled with fluid and she had to be opened up again, they inserted a catheter and feeding tube. The sutures on her bladder did not hold and it was leaking. More dead tissue was removed and prayers were offered that it would hold.
"She was in a lot of pain and continued to refuse food. The next evening she began to fill with fluid again, and had to go into surgery again after hours. Her bladder, having been in distress for so long, was falling apart and could not be fixed. She could not be saved. We were too late."
CorgiAid supporters have helped with the expenses of trying to save Raisin. Thank you for making sure she got every chance at the happy life she ought to have had.

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