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Rusty: Granted July 06, 2003


The Story of Rusty

Last Updated: September 04, 2003

Rusty had been given to an elderly lady by her cousin the vet because he was the smallest of the litter. She kept him in her yard the first year or so, but when she became ill, her husband kept him in a dog run. When the owner passed away, her daughter took him to keep for a while, but they had more dogs than they could take care of. Rusty has always been an outside dog, and he sometimes got to herd the goats on the farm.
Rusty needed to be neutered. He had horrible looking green teeth, so they were cleaned while he was asleep for the neuter. He hadn't had shots in several years, had never been on heartworm preventative (but tested negative, praise Da Boss!), and had hookworms.
Rusty is a *very* lucky boy. He found his way to Barney's Orphanage and Paris Lynn's Charm School, where he is getting healthy, and wiggling his way into everyone's hearts.
Rusty loves everybody, even toddler grandchildren, and he is good with other animals. He is even wonderful with Barney (who is elderly and persnickety and doesn't like just anyone). Rusty's very laid back and similar in temperament to our perfect Paris Lynn. He has become a lap dog!
CorgiAid has helped get Rusty healthy, so that he will be in tip top shape to snuggle with his forever family very soon.

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