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Jade: Granted February 23, 2015


The Story of Jade

Last Updated: February 27, 2015

Here is Jade's story:
"Jade is a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was owner surrendered to the shelter. We have worked with this shelter previously and they contacted us, requesting help for this dog.
"Jade was transported by the shelter to a local vet clinic, where we met the shelter volunteer to take custody of Jade. It was immediately apparent that Jade had some urinary issues. The shelter indicated she'd shown 'light incontinence.' What we witnessed was far more severe. She strained and was unable to void her bladder multiple times. At one point there was visible blood in her urine.
"Based on these observations, and the fact that it was Saturday afternoon and the regular vet was not open, we immediately took Jade to the emergency clinic. Examination at the emergency clinic revealed that Jade had a bladder full of stones. There was a large volume of stones and many were very large, requiring surgical removal. The bladder was so impacted with stones that the vet was unable to get a urine sample without her needle coming in contact with a stone. The bladder had a large amount of urine that Jade is unable to void.
Jade was boarded at the emergency clinic, so she could begin antibiotics for the nasty bladder infection accompanying the stones, and so they could give her the care she needed to not get sicker over the weekend. The following Monday, she had surgery to remove all of those stones (two of which were the size of large marbles1), and now she is on her way to recovery.
"This dog is quite overweight. She is a very large Pembroke. I would guess a correct weight for her to be in the vicinity of 30-35 pounds. Currently she weighs 57 pounds. Based on her condition she'd been neglected, but not mistreated. She badly needed brushing and a bath. Her nails are very long and have obviously been so for some time. It wouldn't surprise me to find that she'd been eating a high protein food, which may have led to the formation of the bladder stones."
Jade is also in need of dental care.
CorgiAid supporters have helped Jade with the expense of getting rid of all of those nasty bladder stones, and will help her with her dental care soon. Thank you!
Jade was rescued in California.

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