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Johnny: Granted January 11, 2015


The Story of Johnny

Last Updated: January 11, 2015

As much as we all wish every rescue story could have a happy ending, reality is not so kind or so gentle.

Tissue alert.

Here is Johnny's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Johnny was purchased by a family for the grandfather. Grandfather died at age 94. His daughter took Johnny. Her daughter came home from college for the holiday and found her mother dead and Johnny was in the house. That is exactly what I was told. No one could give me an age. To their knowledge Johnny had never been to a vet.
"Johnny was in dire medical condition. He couldn't walk due to infected feet. His teeth were literally falling out. I took him immediately to my vet. Dr. Tom said that in 27 years he had never seen a dog with feet as infected as Johnny's. Dr. Tom stayed after hours to get Johnny's mouth cleaned up. He lost ten teeth and had two abscesses cleaned out. He was given pain and antibiotic injections. His feet were cleaned and shaved, but blood and pus continued from between his pads. He had infection in both eyes and both ears. He was very underweight.
"Unfortunately he bit me twice and bit a vet tech while we were trying to put a muzzle on him. We attributed this to the horrible pain that he was experiencing. But after several days at my house with lots of love and attention,and pain meds, I found that he could not be trusted. He would bite for apparently no reason. Back to the vet. We muzzled him and tested for pain areas. His bite reflex was never for the same area. He could be very gentle and very sweet giving kisses on the hand. Then with no provocation he would bite.
"Johnny was purchased on the internet and shipped. First strike. Went to a very senior man. Second strike. Then to a sick senior woman. Third strike. Then to the grand daughter who was frightened of him. No care. No training or socialization. It is very sad. I believe that he would have been a wonderful boy had his experiences been positive. He really wanted to be a good dog!"
Johnny has been tearfully helped on to a place where he is not afraid, not angry, not hurting, and not able to hurt anyone else.
CorgiAid supporters have helped with Johnny's final expenses. Thank you.

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