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Fergie: Granted July 08, 2014


The Story of Fergie

Last Updated: August 03, 2014

Here is Fergie's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Fergie was surrendered by a family that did not want to deal with her diabetes. They had taken her to their vet and treated her but she was still peeing in the house. Our vet ran a series of glucose curves until we had her blood sugar under control. She was on 2 units x2 a day when we got her and now in on 5.5 units x2 a day. She was 48 pounds as Aug of 2012 and still 44 pounds as of Feb of 2014. When we got her in early April she was 36 pounds and today is at 32 pounds and dropping."
CorgiAid supporters have helped with the expense of getting Fergie's diabetes stabilized.
From time to time a dog comes in to rescue with a condition that will continue for the rest of the dog's life. In those cases, CorgiAid may be able to help with part of the expense of helping with that condition, even after the dog has been adopted.
Fergie is one of these dogs. CorgiAid has agreed to continue to help with part of the expense of dealing with Fergie's diabetes, if possible, even after she has been adopted. Thank you, CorgiAid supporters, for making it more likely that Fergie will find the family who will take her home and love her!
Fergie was rescued in Wisconsin.

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